Taking It All In

I’m back from a hiatus I never meant to take. I’m not back with a sewing post just yet – that’s coming. I’m back with a Bustling in Birmingham post, per my husband’s request. He loves these posts so I thought I’d give him one. Some of you may know, but for those of you who don’t, my husband got into Vanderbilt and we’ll be moving this summer. With that being said, I want to write as many Bustling in Birmingham posts as I can to capture the greatness of this city before I leave. I know this blog is mainly about sewing, but I feel these posts give you a little window into who I am and the city I live in.

I sent Dwight a text this past Friday and said “Let’s enjoy Birmingham this weekend.” He was all aboard and we started the weekend by eating lunch at Kool Korner. This little Cuban restaurant closed awhile back, breaking our hearts. But to our great relief it reopened maybe a month or so ago. You can seriously find some of the best Cuban sandwiches here. The owner is Cuban – enough said. Some other highlights from Friday were Kingdom Comics, my boxing lesson at Juarez Boxing, and dinner at The Cajun Seafood House.

Saturday was slammed packed with so much goodness. We started the morning at Over Easy with our friends Riley and Amy who recently moved to Raleigh, NC. Ok, really it was almost a year ago, but it feels like recently. You add the deliciousness of the food at Over Easy (The O.E. – grits, gouda and eggs over easy = amazing) and the goodness of those two people and you can’t miss. I had a baby shower later that morning for a sweet friend. Then Dwight and I got spontaneous. It was really beautiful outside so we finally walked to the Grand Bohemian Hotel and got drinks at their roof top bar. It has such a funky Alice and Wonderland feel to it – I love it. From there Dwight took me to Zoe, my favorite consignment shop in all of Bham. They have so much vintage clothing in good condition, I find myself wanting to grab it all and run out the door hoping no one notices. Our final stop for the evening was the Twisted Root. This is a burger restaurant that I believe started in Texas. They offer different game of the day ranging from lamb, to kangaroo, to even beaver. I chose the spicy goat burger. It was delicious. If you live in Bham, you can find this restaurant off Rocky Ridge Rd. It’s so so good. We’ll be going there again.

Sunday we closed out the weekend with our first visit to Holler and Dash – Cracker Barrel’s new “hipster” restaurant. We were joined by some of our favorites and had so much fun. Then Dwight and I had our usual Sunday: stretchy pants, couch, and Netflix. Our current show is Battlestar Galactica. I’ve been told I’ll become obsessed with it, we shall see.

I have done a little sewing recently. I fixed a friends stole, sewed a scarf for another friend (If you’re reading this Michele, I promise you’ll get it soon!), and I’m about to start a new project. This week, and into next week, I’ll be working on the Simplicity 8188 with my Nicole Miller fabric.


I hope some of you are still here even though I’ve been a bit quiet lately. And I hope to find you all well.

♥ Pamela