Bustling In Birmingham: Halloween

A lot of my memories of being a little girl involve me running around pretending to be Sailor Moon. I guess this should have been one of the first signs nerd is somewhere in my DNA. My husband likes to say I at least have nerd tendencies, which is why we work so well together. I stopped dressing up for Halloween somewhere between 4th and 6th grade. When Dwight and I got together suddenly I had the urge to dress up again, maybe because I knew he wouldn’t judge me. There’s something about channeling my younger self and dressing up that I find so fantastically fun!

This Halloween I decided to go all out…for me. If you’ve read older posts you may know I’m obsessed with the X-Files. So who better to dress up as than the confident, tough, and intelligent Dana Scully? It was such a fun night. We threw a party with some friends and it was wonderful. My husband wore his coat that resembles┬áStar-Lord’s and for one night Dana Scully was head over heels for Peter Quill.

We finished October well and now it’s time for the wonderful month of November. Bring on the real fall weather. I hope you all had happy Halloweens! Did anyone else dress up? Or even better, sew their own costume?