Project #11

Flannery was right, a good man is hard to find. I look at my husband every day and think how thankful I am to have found a good man. A good man who loves to wear bow ties. I’m pretty sure he has the same number of bow ties, if not more, as I do scarves or shoes. He started wearing them right around the time we got together and he hasn’t looked back since. I can’t imagine this man getting dressed up without adding a bow tie to his ensemble.

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When the May Monthly Stitch challenge was announced to sew a guy, or someone, in your life something special I knew exactly what I was going to make. I found a blog post on Pinterest several months ago with a free bow tie pattern and simple instructions. This pattern, from See Kate Sew, has you make the bow tie to perfectly fit around the neck so there’s no fidgeting with buttons or clips in the back. It was a great pattern to use for my first bow tie.

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It was much like making Tilly’s Brigitte scarf except with a different shape. I sewed all the way around leaving about 2 inches in the middle to turn the bow tie right side out. Then I just sewed the 2 inches up and perfecto! Except it was too big for him. And of course it was, because I always need something reminding me that learning to sew isn’t going to come easy. I had enough fabric to start over, but I wanted to get this post in before the end of May and I honestly didn’t feel like starting over. I ended up cutting 1 1/2 inches from the middle and sewing it together. Thankfully that’s all in the back so it won’t be seen, but it actually doesn’t look that bad.


I think he looks so dashing in it, he always looks dashing in bow ties. It’s really exciting for me to see him wearing one that I made. I can’t wait to make him many more and try my hand at making some adjustable ones. He gets almost all of his bow ties from The Cordial Churchman, but maybe his stash will become a good mix of The Cordial Churchman and DavyMade. :)

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He got a close up with his seamstress, and then she gave him a little somethin’ somethin’.

Hug the ones you love …and make them something special!