Oh, Leotie

You’ve been a beast and a beauty. You were the New Year’s Eve dress that could have been and now you are the cocktail dress that’s a mess. You saw an opportunity to teach me and you took it. So what happens now that I’ve gotten half way through a make and realize I need to start back at square one? Well, I start back at square one… but later.

I thought I cut out the right size, going with the one that matched my waist and hips but claimed to be too small in my bust. I figured since all my dresses have been too big around the shoulders this would be fine, but no, you were being honest about the size. Not only did you rip when I tried you on, you also have a lopsided waist. Whoops. And you definitely aren’t going to be closing in the back anytime soon.

Thankfully I purchased enough fabric to start you over, but for now I will quietly set you to the side. My Davy College schedule would be all out of wack if I chose to start you over this week. I won’t shed any tears or hang my head in defeat. Though, please understand I still want to make you. Now I’m going to pick myself up and begin my next project, the Smooth Sailing blouse.

You started out as a dream to be my New Year’s Eve dress, now that dream gets to come true… next New Year’s Eve. Thanks for making my dreams come true, Leotie.

♥ Pamela