Nettie Dress

The Nettie dress has taught me a lot in two days. This is a PDF pattern and I am not exactly the biggest fan of cutting them out. I tend to lose pieces or just get confused and overwhelmed during the process. It took me about an hour to cut the Nettie dress out and there was only one moment where I almost gave up. Once I had the pattern pieced together, I felt excitement wash over me. There was pure gratification at the end of all of that cutting!

The Nettie dress is from Closet Case Patterns. And I believe, if I am remembering correctly, this is my first time to use one of their patterns. Minus it being a PDF pattern :), I had a wonderful experience sewing my Nettie. I chose a knit fabric from that feels like heaven or like being wrapped up in the softest cloud.

At one point while sewing, I told myself I want to try to love my sewing projects for every unique part of them, instead of overwhelming myself with standards of perfection. I actually said out loud to my dress, “I’m going to love you well.” At this point the only thing that had gone kind of wrong was one sleeve was a little shorter than the other. I figured I could make it work. A few minutes after I declared my intent to love my Nettie well, I cut a hole in the side when I was trying to unstitch a few stitches. I was literally almost done with the dress, but unfortunately I moved too quickly with my seam ripper. I cursed, took a deep breath, and then remembered my intention to love what I had made. So I found a small piece of the same fabric and stitched the hole up. And guess what, you can’t even tell. I think I love her even more, and myself, after that moment.

This dress is snug and will hug you in all the right places. Nettie will definitely be a staple in my closet this summer. I’m excited to dress her up or down, and give her so much love.