Spontaneity in New Orleans

It had been three years since we walked the jazzy streets of New Orleans, three years too long, so there was no way we could pass up the amazing Groupon offer we found. This weekend was probably the most spontaneous Dwight and I have ever been. New Orleans is only a five-hour drive from Birmingham. It’s probably good we didn’t discover this until now or else we would have been driving there a lot… regardless of the bank account.

Madison  Love birds

We last visited New Orleans for our one year anniversary. A quick bond formed between us, the food, and the music. And we actually haven’t stopped talking about that trip in three years. So this past weekend we went back with two goals in mind: eat really good food and enjoy time together. Unfortunately I came down with a cold, but somehow in spite of being doped up on Tylenol cold and flu we still had a wonderful time. That city has yet to let us down.

In preparation for our trip I stayed up late Thursday night making a Mesa dress from Seamwork to wear all day Saturday. It turned out so great. I absolutely love the fabric. It was my first fabric purchase from Craftsy, abstract leaves knit. Sadly I didn’t factor in my curves with the style and shape of the dress. This knit really clings, and clinging to me wasn’t a great idea. It didn’t look bad on me, it just didn’t look right. Dwight and I pondered over it in front of the mirror. We both finally came to the conclusion it didn’t look like my style and might be best for sleeping. The fabric is amazingly comfortable, so at least I’ll get some use out of it.

Mesa  Mesa

To wrap up this post I’ll leave you with some of our favorite NOLA memories from this weekend. Check them out and then plan your own trip!




Old New Orleans Rum Distillery

Old Rum Tour

Cafe Du Monde

Cafe Du Monde



Revelator Coffee




Old No. 77 Hotel

Old No. 77