Let’s Be Friends: television and fabric shops

I’ve decided to have a monthly post called Let’s Be Friends. I want a way for people to get to know me and also a way for me to get to know my readers. These posts can be about anything, though sewing will be the main focus. I may write about something I’ve discovered that month, something I’m learning about myself, my sewing space, etc. I hope it will be an open conversation where I can in return learn what you are discovering, learning, lovingĀ and so forth. Welcome to this new little feature! Here it goes:

This winter I became giddy over Project Runway All Stars. It started airing in October of 2014 but I didn’t start watching it until January. It’s these moments that make me really thankful for DVR. I quickly recorded all of the episodes I’d missed. One of the funny things about watching Project Runway All Stars is that my husband got hooked on it too! And I’m thankful because we have some really fun memories watching it together. Instantly my favorite designer was Fabio. He made a jumpsuit that I adore and wish I owned. My second favorite, partly because of his designs and partly because of his kindness, was Justin. He made a beautiful dress out of materials from a construction site! It made me think of Swan Lake every time I looked at it. SPOILER: neither of them won. But it was loads of fun to watch. I was inspired while seeing these designers create. And though I felt for them whenever they hit a low moment, it was also encouraging to see that even the best can accidentally sew a pant leg to a sleeve, buy the wrong fabric, or just be lost on what to do next. Did any of you watch Project Runway All Stars this season? Would love to hear your thoughts! Any of you have favorite TV shows about sewing or fashion? Shows that you just can’t let yourself miss out on, even if it means recording all of them and binge watching one night? I’d love to hear what you’re into – even if it’s not about sewing! We all need more shows to watch, right?;)

Fabio’s jumpsuit.
Justin’s dress.

While watching Project Runway All Stars I also discovered Mood Fabrics. *Sigh* I loved seeing them rummage through the store on every episode. All those fabrics! I wanted to be there every time I watched the show. And the little Boston terrier named Swatch – I wanted him too! I was so happy to discover they have a website. AND you can earn reward points by pinning their fabrics. Score! I hope whenever I make it to NYC I can spend a few hours in that shop. Have any of you been to Mood? What online stores do you like to buy your fabric from? Two that I frequent are Fabric.com and EmmaOneSock.com. I’d love to add to this list. If you have an suggestions please do share!