Sierra Bralette

I’m so in love with this bralette from Madalynne Intimates. Everything about it. I just want to stare in awe. This is my very first piece of lingerie to sew. I made a bathing suit last year, which prompted me to tackle lingerie. I’m so thankful I stepped out of my comfort zone. I literally want to sit in front of my dress form and just stare at what I’ve made.

When I first started sewing I discovered Madalynne’s blog. I instantly fell in love with her. She inspired me and still inspires me. At the time, she was blogging and working at Urban Outfitters. She now has her own line of lingerie patterns and a shop! She truly encourages me to keep taking steps forward. It was a no-brainer to pick one of her patterns for my first lingerie piece.

I chose the Sierra bralette, per the recommendation that it’s best for beginners. It’s also best for small chests, which I didn’t read until after I purchased it. It’s not full coverage on me, but I’m still in love with it! I purchased her diy kit for the bralette which came with this stunning floral lace. Getting the kit was the best decision I made. It just made the whole process even more enjoyable. The one snag was somehow when I cut out the pattern I cut the back straps too thin, so the fabric didn’t fully fit into the hook and eye. It hooks fine around me, but the straps look tiny inside the hook and eye. My dress form is also bigger than me now, so I can’t hook the bra here, but rest assured it fits me quite nicely.

I wasn’t anticipating the affect wearing me made lingerie would have on me. I feel sexy and a huge sense of pride while wearing it. By making my own lingerie I’m literally giving myself permission to step into my sexuality – to not fear being sexy, to not feel shame for it, but to own it. I contemplated posting pictures in it, but I chose to keep those for myself and the lucky few. I highly encourage sewing your own lingerie now. It’s powerful and fun!

Happy sewing. Stay sexy.