Bustling In Birmingham: wedding style

Friday: Dwight and I got fresh haircuts, so naturally we went to show them off at a matinée movie. We saw The Martian and gave it four thumbs up ;). After that we rushed home to get ready for a pre-wedding shindig at Avondale Brewery. I forgot to take pictures of this wonderful event, but it was grand. How can you go wrong with celebrating wonderful people at Avondale?

Saturday: This was a jam-packed day. We started Saturday with the wedding at 10am. I discovered I like morning weddings, especially fall morning weddings. I cried and laughed throughout the whole ceremony. There could not have been a more beautiful wedding for such a beautiful couple. AND they passed out kazoos so we could all serenade the wedding party during the recessional!

The wedding was only the start to our wonderful Saturday. We also spent time at Kingdom Comics, the antique store in Edgewood, watched Doctor Who with friends, and went to a Halloween themed Arc Stories.

Sunday: Church and then X-Files. Surprise. It was a perfect, restful day. Although after all the scary stories at Arc and watching X-Files, I definitely had a creepy dream Sunday night involving a mysterious floating candle and high school friends I haven’t seen in a very long time. I guess I should be careful how I mix my entertainment.

Sewing update: I’ve started prepping my Vogue jumpsuit. I’ll give more details in my next post. :)

Have a fantastic week!